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Restaurant Automations System (PS-RAS) is the crucial technology components that enable a single outlet or enterprise to better serve its customers and aid employees with food and beverage transactions and controls.

  Software Configuration / Customization
  Product Category Management (Menu Design)
  Product Management (Menu Design)
  Floor & Table Management
  System User Management

  Raw Items Category Management
  Stock In (Purchase)
  Stock Out (Consumption)
  Highlights of Minimum Level

Billing Mode:
  Dine In
  Take Away
  Home Delivery

  Shift Wise - Cash In & Cash Out
  POS [With KOT & BAR Code]
  Change Table
  Sales Tracking

Reports (MIS):
  Sales Report
  Product Report
  Product Ranking Report
  System User Report
  Customer Report

Restaurant Automation System (PS-RAS)

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